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An Exciting Development

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NEW for 2010

A recent project is the revolutionary Wild One Rigs for the Laser and Topper

If you`re finding the standard rig a bit tame in light weather, try a Wild One

From an idea by Keith Bond, this rig has been designed and developed by Suggitt Sails for the heavier  sailor in light winds and for a generally more exciting performance.

The sails fit on a standard Laser or Topper rig without the need to buy any extra equipment. The extra two square metres of sail gives a sparkling performance in all conditions. Our testers reported that the boat responded well to the helm in all conditions, and that the full length battens allow the sail to twist off in the gusts and stabilise the balance of the boat. The full battens reduced flog when the sail was eased in the gusts and the sail responded well to the controls to power up and depower the rig.The leech is cut a bit shorter than a standard sail which gives a bit more headroom.

Initial trials suggest a Portsmouth Yardstick number of 1050 for the big sail on a Laser and 1240 on a Topper

We are taking orders from January 2010 and the price, including vat, battens, and a long sailbag is £395.00 laser style and £249.00 to fit a Topper mast.

More pictures and reports on this exciting development below.

Laser/Topper are registered trademarks. The Wild1 rigs are for recreational, club and handicap use only. They may not be used in official Laser/Topper events